• Nothing is better than a demo version to see how effectively Edutrak works and maintains the whole complicated system of education effectively without missing a single piece of work. Contact us for the demo version of the Edutrak.
    It is always said that the youths are the future of any country. If they get proper nurture and education then they will support the development of the country in different areas.

    If the students shine then your country will shine:
    • Teachers, Parents and students do hard work together for the bright future of the students. But today’s competitive life has made the education system too complex that a little lack in effort can leave you behind in the race of competition.
    • Daily you can find new improvements in the system to make it more effective but there are some issues that cannot be solved easily and also cannot b ignored.
    Issues related to teachers:
    • If any student was absent some day and he missed the lesson and the notes provided by the teachers on that day or missed an important quiz to check the performance of the students in the respective subject.
    • They are not able to meet parents of their every student.
    Issues related to parents:
    • Parents keep worrying until their children reach their homes safely and soundly.
    • In today’s fast moving life there is not easy for parents to arrange time to meet each and every teacher of their child for their feedbacks as they are busy in struggling so that they can deliver best upbringing to their child and finance their carrier.
    • Attending any family function is not easy for parents otherwise their child can miss some important lessons.
    Issues related to students:
    • To revise the important notes and tests of whole year, in order to prepare for the exams.
    • Communication gap between the parents and teachers due to lack of the time.
    • Lists of the books and required material according to the curriculum that should be referred in the exams.
    • It is not easy for the teachers to reach each and every student among the thousands of students of the school.

    Edutrak is an electronic planner to schedule your all these tasks to complete all the schooling activities.

    Edutrak combines the three systems and make them one. This single system carries out all the activities regarding the proper education of the student.

    It is not easy to change the complex system of education but Edutrak has done this miracle. It is a kind of online school.